Monday, July 9, 2012

Kinsale Arts Festival - A June of Ordinary Murders

I meant to put up this post yesterday, but unfortunately the internet was playing games again!!!

The Kinsale Arts Festival is on at the moment, 7th -15th July, and this evening there is a reading by Conor Brady, a man who has held many interesting positions in his life, editor of The Irish Times, The Sunday Tribune, presenter and reporter on RTE’s The News At One and This Week. The son of a policeman, and a former member of the Garda Ombudsman Commission, Conor has recently released his first novel 'A June of Ordinary Murders'

For booking details, and other links to the festival, click below:-

A June of Ordinary Murders

Dublin, June 1887: the mutilated bodies of a man and child are discovered in the Phoenix Park. Detective Sergeant Joe Swallow steps up to investigate. Is this a ‘special’ or an ‘ordinary’ murder? In the 1880s, the Dublin Metropolitan Police classified crime in two ways: political crimes were ‘special’, whereas thefts, robberies and even murders, no matter how horrific, were classed as ‘ordinary’… Detective Swallow investigates against the background of a city sweltering in a long summer heatwave, with a potential gangland war simmering.....

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