Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Inner Voice

I put this poem, 'The Voice' up on the site this time last year. Maybe there is something about being halfway through a year which gets us all thinking about where we are going, and a desire to look inside, wondering what direction the second half of the year will take.

Either way, it must have struck a note with many of you, because over 400 people have stopped by to have a read.

So here it is again in celebration/questioning of the second half of 2012

The Voice

Whose voice is this I want to know,
I hear her,
She is so familiar.

Sounds like me, but not so.
I hear her voice from years ago.

I hear it now,
I want to smile,
I love her spirit and her guile.

Where did she go?
I want to know.

I hear her playing a different tune,
The beat less sure,
The tone less tuned.

To strangers, she's a side of herself,
To family, friends, she's many guises.

To me, she's part of what might be.
I hear her voice,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks DS - hope things are good with you:)

  2. Great idea - the voice of the earlier self. We're all made up of so many different selves.

    1. Funny thing Val - she has never left me - hope she never does!

  3. I like the premise of your pome, it rings so true.

    1. For sure Michelle - btw, we are well overdue another meet for coffee - you need to come to Dublin again, maybe not RTE next time, but somewhere interesting!

  4. I have no doubt the second half of 2012 holds many wonderful things for you, Louise, enjoy!

  5. Love it Louise. The only way is up woman and I know your headed all the way!
    with a smile from the heart for you
    Ita :-)

    here's a wee one I wrote on voice

    The Voice

    Words - whispers - echoing sounds
    Creating newness all around
    Where they come from, where they go
    Where they'll lead me I do not know
    But for one thing I can be sure
    Of these words their essence truer
    Of life - of love - of pastures newer
    They make me, shake me, from the vine
    When listing to this voice of mine
    It resonates within my soul
    The voice, it's me, when being whole.

    1. Thanks Ita - and I really connect with your words - wonderful:)


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