Sunday, September 16, 2012


Okay, perhaps I'm childish, (although being childish isn't always a bad thing) but either way, as the two Irish newspapers I picked up yesterday, the Irish Examiner, which had a piece on RED RIBBONS by Sue Leonard, only printed the Top 5 Bestsellers, and the Irish Independent, didn't list them at all - here is the TOP 10 Bestsellers in Ireland for original fiction this week.

(Also, word of mouth is still the best way any novel, especially one by an unknown writer, can be promoted, so if you've read RED RIBBONS, and feel like recommending it to others, I would be really grateful.)

1. Wanted Man - Lee Child
2. Wrath of Angels - John Connolly

3. This Child of Mine - Sinead Moriarty

4. Sweet Tooth - Ian McEwan

5. Ancient Light - John Banville

6. Very Accidental Love Story - Claudia Carroll
7. Red Ribbons - Louise Phillips
8. Bones are Forever - Kathy Reichs

9. Last to Die - Tess Gerritsen

10.Criminal - Karin Slaughter

Incidentally, Sue Leonard gave RED RIBBONS the thumbs up - 'Dark, spooky, but believable.'  The Irish Examiner.
You can order RED RIBBONS (paperback or on kindle) using this Amazon link HERE or by clicking on the image of RED RIBBONS in the side panel, if ordering from Ireland.


  1. congratulations - best of luck. As an aspiring writer who's first book has sold a total of three copies (yes, not even my family bought it) I can only say I'm glad to see another blogger doing so well and wish you all the best with the book


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