Friday, September 7, 2012

Killer Pics Behind the Scenes of a Killer Launch Day!!!

Picture by Peadar O'Donoghue - Deadly Duck Photography
What a DAY - What a NIGHT!!!!!
Catch it all HERE

While there, check out Triona's (Aka - Domestic Oub) blog - plenty to add delight to your visit!!!
TRIONA WALSH, is a writer of short stories and poetry (and a couple of novels that live in her desk drawer.) Her writing has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies - Poetry Bus 1 & 3, Petals on a Bough anthology, Caught in Amber anthology, Kay's Book anthology, Flavours of Home, Petals on a Bough, South of the County - New Myths and Tales.

And she has been lucky enough to have had some success in competition, in particular - Winner in the NWA Awards 2008, Winner of the Jonathan Swift Award 2008, Short listed Jonathan Swift 2009 Shortlisted Kay McDonnell Short Story competition 2009, Shortlisted Malahide Library Centenary Short Story competition 2010. Her ambition is to write the next great Irish novel, but she'll settle for just getting out of the slush pile.

Visit Triona at http://trionawalsh.blogspot.ie/ And on Twitter @DomesticOub



  1. Oh brilliant! You had balloons!

    1. Sure what kind of celebration wouldn't have balloons Titus????Thanks again for your support from afar:) It was a great night - one to savour for a very long time to come!! xxxx L

  2. Replies
    1. Anna - thank you so much. Without people like you and Titus, this journey would not have been quite so amazing. One of the very positive attributes of communication online. Fingers crossed RED RIBBONS early good start will keep on going for a little while yet:) xxxx L


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