Wednesday, September 26, 2012

'The Judas Kiss' by David Butler

First things first - what a great title for a novel - 3 little words and I'm already hooked!

Secondly, this novel comes with a health warning from the opening page- "... be warned, this is no pretty story. It leads to murder. And I don't mean the Rev Green in the study with the lead piping. No. This murder is messy - a stone inside a stocking sticky with blood."  The intrigue continues!!

And thirdly, this darkly humorous tale of murder and redemption is told by David Butler, a writer I met at the IWC in the summer of 2011, who has worked as an Education Officer at the James Joyce Centre, as well as lecturing in Spanish Literature at TCD, Essex University, Carlow College and UCD, and about another million things!!!

'The Judas Kiss' published by New Island, is David's second novel, and I'm delighted to be launching it in Hodges Figgis next Tuesday, October 2nd at 6.30.

You can find out more about The Judas Kiss and read David's piece on the link between Crime and Desire over at www.writing.ie  HERE


  1. enjoy the launch Louise! That is one great cover, and like you said a title and a hook in one, looks great, best of luck to David:)

  2. Best of luck - sounds great - just a pity I can't make it to the launch!


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