Monday, September 10, 2012


Today the RED RIBBONS Blog Tour Bus has climbed into the jaws of one GREAT PUZZLE, as it visits the blog of Laurence O'Bryan, writer of the successful Istanbul Puzzle - you can read all about Laurence below.
This is a really important point in the Blog Tour!!! After a most amazing book launch last Wednesday TODAY is the last day that Irish Sales in bookstores, or online with Irish bookstores will count to help RED RIBBONS get into the TOP TEN. There are no guarantees, so if you've been thinking about buying it, well today may be the Perfect Day, as every single book sold, counts!!
But you can find out all about that and other mighty stuff in the jaws of the GREAT PUZZLE HERE

Some more fab pictures in for the NOVEL prize to brighten your day ....... Keep sending them in via twitter @LouiseMPhillips email to phillips.louisem0@gmail.com or on facebook.

LAURENCE O'BRYAN, studied English and history, then business, and IT at Oxford University. He spent ten years working in the City of London, the creaking hub of world finance. He was first published by a school newspaper when he was ten, for a short story about aliens getting lost. The Istanbul Puzzle is his first novel published. It is part of a three book contract with Harper Collins. It will be translated into 9 languages and be published in about 15 countries, and in 2007, he won the Outstanding Novel Submitted award at the Southern California writer's conference.

He is a member of the UK Crime Writer's Association, the Society of Authors, the Irish Writing Centre, two "live" writing groups in Dublin and online writing communities in England and the States. His research has taken me all over the world, from San Francisco to deep in the Arab world. And he still enjoy looking at the stars and listening to the stories of strangers.

Visit Laurence at http://lpobryan.com/ And on Twitter at @LPOBryan

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