Monday, September 24, 2012

50 Shades of Graig!!!!

Well, I had an amazing time at the Town of Books Festival in Graiguenamanagh this weekend. A beautiful place, lovely people, and what a smashing idea for a festival, to turn a whole town into a town of books for this very special weekend.


I did a reading from RED RIBBONS at the library on Friday evening, which included members of the local book club. They were a great bunch, and honestly I would have stayed there all night chatting about Red Ribbons and its cast of characters. Last year, our president, Michael D Higgins did a reading there, so some mighty footsteps to follow!!

Susan & Alicia
It was also the first time I'd done a reading where I used excerpts from all three main narrative voices on the same occasion - the killer, the criminal psychologist, Kate Pearson, and the accused woman, Ellie Brady.

But it worked really well, and sure the feast afterwards was pretty great too. And an extra special thanks to Susan Fitzgerald, and Alicia Dunphy, who facilitated this wonderful evening.

One of the many hidden gems of books!

We stayed at the Waterside Guesthouse, run by Brian & Bridget Roberts, and I couldn't recommend it more. This beautiful building overlooking the waterside, had the most wonderful accommodation, fabulous food, and a friendliness that was indicative of the complete sense of welcome, Graiguenamanagh offers.

Waterside Guesthouse

Signed copies of RED RIBBONS are available in the Storehouse Bookshop in Kilkenny.

And finally, a pic of my new cuddly friend from the Cushendale Woolen Mills, and the fab cupcakes which formed part of our library feast!!!

If you are interested in ordering a copy of RED RIBBONS online, you can do so HERE


  1. thank you for your lovely blog of my hometown. i was at your book launch on friday night. i just listened to your reading of your 3 characters. i booked myself on the waiting list at graig library to read red ribbons. i cant wait to read it.

  2. Thanks for coming to the festival, Louise- we all had SUCH a great night at your reading/talk! Now that things are calming down I'll be able to read your book :-) I'm also looking forward to your next book; it sounded exciting too! Once again, thank you xx Susan

  3. Thanks so much to you both - and sure there is magic in Graiguenamanagh the way it brought such wonderful sunshine!!! Well done on all your hard work.xxxx Louise


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