Friday, December 4, 2020


Some of you may have noticed my lack of posting for a wee while. It's hasn't been because I've disappeared off the planet, more a twist and turn of life, so please forgive me.

However, today I'm delighted to share this Irish Crime Fiction gem with you. Edited by Elizabeth Mannion and Brian Cliff 'GUILT RULES ALL 'explores and celebrates Irish Crime Fiction. I feel honoured to be one of the writers featured in this work which conveys the breadth of the genre.

Within a piece by Rosemary Erickson Johnson on the Kate Pearson series, she says, "Phillips's series offers insight into contemporary Irish society, with a particular reference to women's lives and feminist issues, and helps us to define the parameters of domestic noir in the face of sometimes-competing demands of series fiction." 

Well, that will do me!

Hope you are all surviving these rather testing times!

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