Friday, August 9, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story!

The launch in The Gutter Bookshop was an amazing night. I'll put some pictures below for you!

For everyone that made the launch on Wednesday, a HUGH thank you, and for anyone who wanted to be there but for whatever reason couldn't, including potential bus strike, LUAS not working with massive delays, not to mention the 3 hour tail back on the M50, I appreciate your support too! 

It was a great week, despite some of the challenges above. And having heard last Friday that many shops didn't get deliveries due to a fire in a depot, I thought the book would never arrive!! Thankfully, it's now in all shops barring a couple in Dublin, Reads of Nassau Street, and one shop at Dublin Airport. (They should get them today)

Anyone that knows me, knows I take these sort of challenges head on, so if any of you who had to miss the launch were planning on picking up a copy soon, IF YOU DO SO BY THIS SATURDAY EVENING, and send me a pic, you're in with a GREAT chance of winning a free copy for a gift!! I have lots and lots, so the odds of winning are pretty good.

Spread the word anyway you can! I really appreciate that.

Thanks and best,



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