Thursday, August 1, 2013

Publication Day!

So after a year of beginnings, middles, and ends, the day is finally here! Publication of THE DOLL'S HOUSE!!! Contrary to common opinion though, PUBLICATION DAY may be mammoth to the author, a deep emotional heart string pulled, and a gift to myself of a lie in until 7.30 a.m. this morning, but it is slightly different out there in the real world.

For Irish visitors to the site, The Doll's House will start appearing on shelves in the next few days as boxes get delivered and are unpacked. Always thinking of you, perhaps it's best to hold off for about 3/4 days to make that visit into town, or wherever you intend to pick up a copy. 

Even better, those you who are hoping to make the launch next Wednesday at 6.30 in the Gutter bookshop Cow's Lane, can pick up a personalised signed copy there!

For all other visitors from the rest of the world, YOU CAN NOW ORDER on either Amazon UK or Amazon . Com !

I heard yesterday that if you live in the States and order visa the amazon.co.uk site, you will get delivery within a few days for 2-3 dollars postage, and for free if you bundle a few books - the world is getting smaller folks!!

To everyone who has supported me along the way, a MASSIVE THANKS! It's been mad, sad, happy, emotional, mind-blowing and utterly fabulous! 

On a lighter note, those of you out there who have managed to hold onto your original first edition RED RIBBONS, it has doubled in value, so keep that investment nice and safe, and twin it with THE DOLL'S HOUSE - who knows ONE DAY I could be really famous!!  

Best and good wishes to you all.



What has been said so far about The Doll's House

Kim Nash The Bookworm, says,'A Brilliant book!' 
Tracey Newell says, 'What a Cracker! '
Susan Condon writing.ie, says, 'Fans of SJ Watson will devour!'
Niamh O'Connor says, 'Chilling, mesmerising. Gets under your skin and stays with you.'


  1. Was delighted when I opened my kindle this morning & saw The Dolls House download!! Ready to settle with a cuppa & dig in... Congratulations Louise, I'm delighted for you xxx

    See you next week! Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! x


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