Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daff Discovery

The walking/photo journal has been on a bit of a lapse lately as life has gotten in the way as it sometimes does.  I don't plan to take photos for the rest of the year sitting down, but today can be an exception. 

Normally I have my fix of caffeine about 10.30, it usually happens after I have done some of the things I have to do, should do, and think I want to do.  The first of these being that awful housework rubbish which includes a list so long in the morning that I wonder why I haven't turned into one of those metal robots a long time ago, you know the stuff, empty dishwasher, clear up after a morning kitchen war, feed the dog, put out washing.  Then I go on to the office tasks, anything from tax returns, salaries, answering phones, filing, blah, blah and blah, and finally if I am lucky I get to grab some writing time. 

They don't always happen in that order, and they don't always happen, but you get the gist.  Anyhow, in need of my caffeine fix, and with the old sun coming out to play, I thought why not have said caffeine outside, which I did. Now as I normally blog when I am taking a break, I wondered if the laptop, (my old one having needed to be plugged in all the time or it would die) would get a signal outside?

So, I was delighted to discover that it does, which is a bit of a miracle because where we live is sorta in no mans land when it comes to Internet coverage and one rash turn can cause the whole thing to crash.  Hope you enjoyed my tiny bit of waffle, just thought I'd fill you in while I emptied the cup! Maybe I should get out more?????  Back to the grind, enjoy the pic!


  1. thought you'd found a laptop among the daffodils for a second, but the coverage thing is still an exciting development. Here comes a long summer of sitting out!!!

  2. Yeap, I'll have to check it out in a few spots, see where the signal will travel! I deffo need to get out more!!!

  3. I wonder will mine work outside..i never thought of trying that, then I wont be able to see all the yucky housework stuff piling up! I think I'm (abnormally?) interested in other peoples writing routines so I loved reading about yours...
    I get the kids breakfasted/uniformed/to school, then do the writing, and tackle the smelly morning kitchen (...around now actually...)better get tackling!
    Hope you enjoyed the coffee, I enjoyed the post.

  4. As I said Niamh, sometimes it happens in a different order or sometimes not at all!!! Happy writing!!


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