Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poetry Bus Poem - Moon Change

Yeah, yeah, yeah before everyone starts going on about not being allowed to visit the Moon, I missed that small instruction!

Anyhow, I figured seeing as how last night the full moon was at its closest point in its orbit to the earth, and it would appear larger and brighter, being only a mere 221,565 miles away (thanks to Words A Day for this piece of info), that it was a pretty good place to go.  So if Uiscebot is in a killing mood and won't let me on the bus this week, I'll just have to swing out of the skylight!

You can see all the wonderful prompt instructions HERE for those of you intelligent enough to follow them!

Moon Change

Standing halfway up my mother,
neck bent back, I looked hard at the moon,
heard stories about the man who lived in it,
full of cheese and shaped like a banana.

Older, out the back garden,
I saw it through my brother’s telescope,
all white and round and full of dark holes
that he told me were  ‘moon craters’.

Crossed- legged below the kitchen table,
I watched Neil Armstrong land on it,
bobbling with his flag of stars and stripes,
listening to the men from N.A.S.A.

Later I kissed under it, long and deep, 
dark romantic laneways lit by indigo blue,
falling in love and right back out again,
wondering who was looking at who?

When the kids were small, I swore by it,
wishing sleep would replace lonely nights awake,
whilst now, above the mountains it guides me home,
even in the light of day, teetering behind clouds.

Through the skylight-window on the upstairs landing,
it is closer now than any other night,
my neck bends back, just like a child,
as I remember piece by piece, the moon change.


  1. What an exquisite, truthful piece. It's done. No need for revision. Thanks for the share.

  2. I can see you now ~~ swinging from the top of the bus holding onto the skylight for dear life! However ... your poem is worth every minute of discomfort!!

  3. Lovely, how we are all taken and taken by the beauty of this glowing rock that lightens our nights and pulls at the tide of our being...beautiful writing...bkm

  4. A great poem socks, lovely progression in time, and yes hard to believe it's the same moon all through that time.

  5. What a lovely, haunting poem! I think the idea of seeing/experiencing the moon at different points in life works really well - and without overly sentimental language, too!

  6. Love love love this - it helped me remember past moons of my life too. Nice!

  7. You must have travelled further than any other passenger this week! Lovely ticket to ride...

  8. Cool! lovely, thanks- and I parted my curtains early yesterday morning and caught the moon leaving us- who cares about dictates anyway ?

  9. The moon constant and beautiful and magical all wrapped up in this lovely warm blanket of a poem.

    'Later I kissed under it, long and deep,
    dark romantic laneways lit by indigo blue,
    falling in love and right back out again,
    wondering who was looking at who?'

    That's really lovely.

  10. I love the standing halfway up your mother! perfect image.

  11. I love this. It's a really assured poem with an especially beautiful last line.

  12. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate them.

  13. Yep, concur with all the above - especially liked the 'halfway up my mother'. And the kids verse rang a bell the size of Big Ben.

    I can't believe you missed the moon codicil. It's not like there were a lot of rules.

    Mine's over 40 lines but don't tell anyone.

  14. I just love the kite illustration! The poem too- as your own changes are reflected in the moon changes. The moon in the skylight was particularly lovely! I saw the white light flooding in the alcove and moon shadows stalking about as the moon moves across the sky.


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