Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dublin Book Festival - True Crime : Criminal Minds

After a couple of years covering the courts her first book The Devil in the Red Dress was published. There couldn’t be a better story for a first book – the housewife who shopped for a hitman over the Internet but ended up with a Las Vegas poker dealer instead. Then last year her second book Death on the Hill looked at the trial of Eamonn Lillis, convicted last January of killing his wife, model turned producer Celine Cawley.

It should be an intriguing night for anyone interested in the genre of Crime.

John Mooney talking to Abigail Reiley, Emer Connolly and Barry Cummins on Thursday, March 3rd at the Gutter Bookshop  - Time 6.30 - Admission Free -
No Booking necessary.
(part of the Dublin Book Festival)

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