Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Novel Madness - Editing, editing and more editing!

I've reached the point, having done the editing process for the last couple of days, that I am beginning to wonder if I can construct a sentence, let alone have a writing style!

Having received feedback from four respected sources, (otherwise known as the good people who volunteered to read my first three chapters), I am still feeling reasonably okay, despite some editing burn out.  In the main, the feedback was rather positive and the writing had far less grammatical corrections than I would have expected.  So all okay so far.

But the editing process is funny in a way, because much of it is about getting the nuts and bolts right, and there is not a lot of thought for the emotion behind the writing.  I think a new wave of emotion will come about when I get the tidying up done, but for now I am going to keep going at the practical fixing bits.  Really, I can't thank my four victim readers enough, not just for their effort, but because, I learned a couple of interesting gems, like 't-shirt', should be 'T-shirt', as the garment got it's name from the shape of the letter, and that any number of arguments can exist when it comes to personal preferences, some readers questioning everything and others less so, which all in all, gets little old me, to question practically everything as well.

My plan is still on track for having the first 3 chapters ready to take flight very soon, but I am hearing a rather nagging voice from inside my head, telling me that I might, even at this late hour in the process, have to turn chapter 1 into a complete flip, and heavens knows what that might fire up time wise.

I think I should go back and read my 'What does being a Novelist mean' again, by way of encouragement to keep going.  In the interim, for anyone interested, above is what my printed first draft of the novel looks like!



  1. I've just drifted over from someone else's blog, and have to say that I love your moon poem!

    Oh - and good luck with the editing. I rather like it as the main body of the work is done, and you don't have to come up with brilliant ideas; merely polish the old ones!

  2. Thanks Frances. Yes you are probably right about the editing, and in part I am enjoying it. This is my first novel, so still trying to find my feet. Glad you liked the poem.

  3. Your novel looks so cool sitting there on the table! Its great for me that someone else is at a similar stage.

    Here's to D Day!:)

  4. Looks can be deceiving Niamh! But yes it is good that we are at similar stages in the process, hopefully we can push each other on! Happy writing! Or should I say, happy editing!

  5. Good Luck with this part of the process - you've done so well to get here I would just enjoy it at this stage if were you! It's all been done and considered at this stage, you just have to pick away at it which for me at least is much less pressurised!

  6. Thanks David. It is all part of the process, and I hope I am learning loads, but sure I'll just keep trucking!!!


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