Monday, March 28, 2011

Walking/Photo Journal - Chainsaw Man

Another great sunny Dublin day yesterday, so I spent most of it outside feeding the poor plants and young trees that thought they were deserted, along with the odd bit of weeding.  Mr Socks was out there to, putting together the beginning of steps, so that the risk of sliding down the hill out back, would be somewhat eased.  Did I tell you, that one of my favourite activities is watching Mr Socks work, and you just got to love a man with a chainsaw! 

I did manage to make the hungry worker a cup of tea at one point, whereupon Mr Socks was joined by a neighbour Patrick Pye, a local artist that I will hopefully do a post on soon.  I think his quote of the day yesterday was one about marriage, Patrick incidentally is 80 and is married 40 years, but anyhow this is his theory on marriage or specifically the age one should get married. 

'As an artist, and you leave college, at lets say 20, you need to spend the next ten years working out what you want or more importantly need to do, then you need to spend the next ten years convincing other people that your work is deserving of an income, and then you are free to marry.'  I knew I had done something wrong! 


  1. Great post! My husband fells big trees sometimes - very excting. And chainsaw-y.

    You have a chalet?!!

  2. Mr Socks would probably love to fell a tree! I'll keep him on the mini chainsaw for now!!!

  3. Would love to hear more! It takes a long time to figure it all out, wouldn't mind some more words of wisdom. Don't think I'll be free to marry for another decade, or two!

  4. Fascinating. I agree with you abouut the chainsaw. Have you seen any of the new breed os scultors at work with their chainsaws? There have been a couple of documentaries recently.

  5. Words of wisdom indeed Words A Day, it's a pity we have to wait to be older, to be wiser!!! And Dave, no I missed those documentaries, although surprised Mr Socks allowed that to happen, he is a man who loves his documentaries along with his chainsaw!

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