Friday, March 18, 2011

No Romance - Nancy Harris

'No Romance' by Nancy Harris is now showing at the Peacock Stage of the Abbey Theatre and yours truly got to see it on Wednesday night.  I always enjoy going to plays, although more expensive than movies, there is just something utterly engaging about seeing real people creating a fictional world that you get to witness.

Anyhow, I was very impressed with 'No Romance' by Nancy Harris for a load of reasons, the main one being that wonderful treat when good writing and good acting come together, which it did in bucket loads in this play.

'No Romance', is divided into three parts, each one with a different story to tell, but they are all tentatively linked and deal with secrets, both in keeping them and being found out about them.

One of the things that I thought was particularly magical about this play was how easily it moved from humour to poignancy, each dealt with masterfully.  Obviously this was due to really good writing, which is why I picked up a copy of the play to see if I might learn something, but also it was a really good illustration of what good acting can bring to the written word. I was very impressed with Janet Moran who played Laura in the first story and Stephen Brennan and Tina Kellegher, who played Joe and Carmel in the second, and I thought Stella McCusker who played Peg in the final story was also fantastic, even if that particular part of the play could have been shorter. 

If you are interested in good writing and good acting, then I would recommend this play greatly.  It is running until the end of March, but book now as I found it difficult enough to get good seats, and I booked two weeks ago, so if you live in Dublin, get going!


  1. Oooh, envy. I miss the theatre so much, but it's such a haul from where we live and the youngest are not quite old enough to be dragged along yet.

  2. I know, I do forget how lucky we are to have these things so near.


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