Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

'I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure.
I make mistakes, I am out of control and
 at times hard to handle.
 But if you can't handle me at my worst,
 then you sure as hell
 don't deserve me at my best.'
— Marilyn Monroe
I've been given A Stylish Blog Award!

Seven Things About Myself:

I'm editing my first novel 'Red Ribbons' and for some reason progress is so slow it is bordering on AVOIDANCE.  Perhaps it's fear of rejection, hence the delay, but by end April 2011 it will take wings and fly to it's first rejection point (now I've said it - I will do it!). 

One of my favourite things is getting a brand new book, but I am fussy about covers, and I always read the first page before I buy, and of late I seldom lend a book because I guard them like personal treasures, which is why I am constantly running out of bookshelf space.

I've been in the middle of a mid-life crisis for years now, my biggest fear is not working out all the things I want/need to do.  I have already completed a 'sort of bucket list', but I can't find it, so I better do another one and fast.

I love my 3 children, but delighted for the 2 that have flown the nest, that they and I can be independent, interesting adults without having to live together.

I cry because of anything, sadness, anger, weddings, funerals (even of people I don't know).  When I was little, I used to love 'The Little House on the Prairie' and 'The Waltons' (I can't believe I just admitted that!). My husband detested both of them! My favourite old movie icon is Marilyn Monroe, because she is.

I hate driving at night, and I have the worst sense of direction of anyone I know, although rumour has it that once while drunk (being a passenger not a driver) I directed everyone else home.

I am extremely competitive and do most things 110%. I hate failure, which is why I am constantly having to deal with disappointment, after which for the most part, I dust myself down and start all over again.

Thanks to Niamh at Words A Day for this wonderful AWARD

You could be next!


  1. Hi! Love the list! I really really hate driving at night too, love marilyn, and I'm at a similar stage of a novel...but I'm not competitive at all...lets race to an April deadline! 123....!:) But I warn... I cry easily, my daughter once held her finger in front of my face to illustrate that I'd cry at anything...and I did...(I WAS 6 months pregnant though...!!!)

  2. Thanks Words. The amount of times crying has been my downfall are far too many to remember, but the finger in front of the face....now that is extreme, although incidently so too are hormones during pregnancy!!!!
    I have to, have to get in gear with this novel, I can't for the world of me think why I am struggling at what should be an easier stage....1,2,3, we can then both have a big cry!!!

  3. I found that too, the last lap of the novel has been the slowest...so its nice to have an incentive, like you said, saying it will make me do it, its why I mentioned it in my blog post!

  4. Okay, we'll both give it a go! Good luck.


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