Thursday, March 3, 2011

To be or not to be an Image?

The picture above is a test, as right now I feel as stupid as these cows look!!!

Does anyone know why the images I post are not appearing as thumbnail images either on my blog or on follower blogs?????


  1. If there is text above the picture, mine wont come up...I have to post the image topmost in the blogpost or else it doesnt appear...it may be that? Or something else? :)

  2. Thanks Words, but no that's not it! I have tried to google the problem, but with no luck as yet!

  3. I think it's something to do with computers being the spawn of the devil, sent to drive us to the violent brink of insanity and destroy the entire planet in the process.

  4. Yeah, the bastards are out to get us!


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