Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walking Photo Journal - Time to cool down

Cooling Down - Waterworks Bohernabreena
 Okay yes I have been lazy over the last while in regard to going walking, blame family birthday, cash flows, clearing up after partner's temporary DIY enthusiasm and of course being hooked to the telly watching the voting game in the election.  I don't know what it is with me and voting, but I seem to be an addict for it, whether it is the Eurovision Song Contest, election of the government, even election of people in places in parts of the world that I should have no interest in, grab my attention, but give me numbers and a race to win, and I am there!

Anyway, the dog was getting fed up yesterday, so we headed up to the waterworks at Bohernabreena where there are many wonderful places to walk and take in the changing landscape as plants recover from the winter's snow and get ready to delight us.  It was all thirsty work, so Benson had to have his dip.  Roll on more of this glorious weather!!


  1. Great dog shot! He looks like he's attacking a miniature Loch Ness Monster.
    God, I'm obsessed with elections too. I stay up all night listening to the returns for places like Macclesfield and Carmarthen.

  2. I feel more normal now about my voting obsession! Thanks Titus

  3. The dog reminds me of my two year old son on a Sunday evening, when his father whisks him away for a walk and they return only after two hours!!
    Thank you dropping by and leaving your feedback :) Appreciate it.


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